Colleges put too much stock in sat scores

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Colleges are Putting Too Much Emphasis on Standardized Tests

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SAT Scores Weight in College Admissions

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Here Are the Top 10 Colleges for Music Education Majors In the US

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Oct 24,  · He nervously takes the SAT and is crushed when his scores prove too low for college acceptance. If colleges didn’t place so much emphasis on standardized tests, this wouldn’t have happened.

Colleges and Universities today place too much trust in the ability of the standardized test system to accurately judge a student’s learning ability. Most standardized tests only test a student on three or four areas.

The Truth About Standardized Tests: How They Affect Your College Application

Jan 12,  · Do you think colleges put too much stock in standardized test scores? If you think about it, the standardized test isn't all that fair once you get beyond the questions that have definite answers (like the math problems) because your opinion could be "wrong" according to the answer Resolved.

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arguments for and against standardized testing in college admissions

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Colleges put too much stock in sat scores
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