Pit bulls are not aggressive essay

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Pit Bulls Ban, why do you want to ban an entire breed?

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Pit Bull Ban

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He gave walking down a hallway with the concluding man, away from his political. The image the general public has about pit bulls is based on media bias and pure myth. They are not the monsters the media would have us believe. Of course we hear stories of pit bulls attacking people, but the same is true of all other breeds.

Pit bulls are the most misunderstood breed in the canine world, but most people don’t understand what the real pit bull breed is about.

“Pit Bull” is not actually a breed of dog, it. Should Pit bulls be banned? Many people will argue that the pit bull breed should be banned due to their vicious and unpredictable nature.

There is a belief that they are inherently evil creatures and that they have a genetic predisposition to be destructive killing machines.

Persuasive essay on pit bulls

Pit Bulls Are Chiller Than Chihuahuas. This is problematic, since not only does the evidence suggest that pit bulls are not more aggressive toward people than other breeds, but few people even. Not many people want pit bulls because they are so aggressive. Others just want a cuddly dog to play and have fun with.

Pit bulls aren't loved as much as they used to. Pit bulls were originally bred to do bull baiting. Bull baiting is when a dog grabs a bull by the nose and doesn't let go so that the person castrating a bull doesn't get hurt.

Pit bulls are not aggressive essay
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The Problem With People, Not Pit Bulls - American Pit Bull Foundation